Replacing Pilgrim’s Energy

Pilgrim Watch 2012 Update

Pilgrim Watch 2012 Update

Pilgrim Risks: Accidents and Daily Operations (PDF)

Table of Contents

Pilgrim: How Boiling Water Reactors Work 1

Spent Fuel Storage -Pool Fires 2
Containment Failure: Vent & Hydrogen Explosions 5
Pilgrim- Electric Reliability 10
Security 11
Emergency Planning 12
Post Accident Cleanup 16

Risks From Daily Operations
Radiation Health Impacts 17
Monitoring 22
Marine Impacts 29

NRC Oversight- Public Participation- Alternatives
NRC Oversight 30
Public Participation 31
Do We Need Pilgrim’s Electric Power?…

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The Boiling Water Reactor (BWR)

BWRs actually boil the water. In both types, water is converted to steam, and then recycled back into water by a part called the condenser, to be used again in the heat process.

Since radioactive materials can be dangerous, nuclear power plants have many safety systems to protect workers, the public, and the environment.…

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