Our Health & Safety

In 2011, during the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, the State Department recommended that all US citizens within 50 miles of Fukushima evacuate. Pilgrim’s emergency “plan” stops at 10 miles.

Population within 10 miles? Over 75,000.

Population within 50 miles? Nearly 5 million.


Entergy regularly releases radioactive materials into the air that poison our bodies, homes, farms, gardens, ponds, and drinking water supplies.

Although the government set limits on the amount of radiation Entergy can spew into our air, the limits are based on decades-old science about the health impacts of radiation.

We want new limits based on the latest National Academy of Sciences studies. This new science shows far greater impact from low levels of radiation than previously believed.

The public has the right to know how much radioactive material Entergy is releasing into the air. We want “real time” air monitors throughout the region. Right now, there are 12 in Plymouth (2 need to be replaced) but none on other towns.

Drinking water contaminated...

Radioactive materials have been found in groundwater wells in the area.

Tritium has been found in monitoring wells at the Entergy site in Plymouth. Strotium has been found in Kingston drinking water wells.

We want to know what materials are coming from Pilgrim and whether our water is safe. Entergy should be required to fully fund an investigation, with public oversight and transparency.