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The Pilgrim Coalition is non-partisan and invites officials from all political standings to post a statement on our website that reflects his/her perspective pertaining to nuclear issues in our region, specific to Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.

To verify authenticity, please send a faxed copy on official letterhead to (781) 585-2322 (c/o JRWA). We can also follow up by phone.

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Josh Cutler (State Representative, 6th Plymouth District)

“I applaud Pilgrim Watch and the other local Pilgrim Coalition members for keeping the pressure on Entergy and the NRC to address critical safety, health and environmental issues with regard to the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth. I am disappointed the NRC chose to move ahead and relicense the plant before resolving these issues. While the federal government is the primary regulatory overseer, I believe it is incumbent that we do everything we can to ensure nuclear safety at the state level to ensure that we shall never see a repeat of the Fukushima disaster on our shores. In particular I am concerned with the issue of spent fuel rods and radioactive waste. We need to accelerate the transfer of these fuel rods to safer dry cask storage. The Fukushima disaster showed the risk of storing radioactive nuclear fuel in indoor water pools. Entergy, as a private for-profit company has every right to turn a profit on its investment, but the safety of the workers at Pilgrim and all of the residents of the South Shore must always take precedence.”